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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  September 27, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show f you "right this minute." >> firefighters rush to see kids from a burning biuilding but thy
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see -- >> something dangling from upper windows. >> and a guy is sucker punched. >> celo is back and badder than ever. he reveals all about his new youtube channel with -- >> 160,000 subscribers already. >> and one scary frank in a box. >> firefighters responded to a fire in a two-story apartment building. when they got there this is what they saw. not only can you see the ravaging flames, but there are people in the building. he walks up and he spays water
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to where the fire is. the screen goes black then you see the firefighter repositioning himself. he goes back to the different part of the building and then you hear someone say "drop the kid." and then you see the kid. what? it's a toddler dangling from the upstairs level down. you see someone's hand to grab him. they let the baby go and somebody caught pim hp thhim. rescuers rescued three other children. they credit a 9-year-dthe resid fire. >> so a 9-year-old is responsible for alerting the residents? >> that's what the firefighters are saying. apparently one injury for minor
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smoke inhalation. >> san jose, california. police are on the lookout for this guy. this guy punched a safeway manager. look at the man in the black cap. the man injury points and the guy turns and sucker punches him. the manager is knocked flat on the ground, lifts his feet up in the air. employees say he was knocked outd to be taken to the hospital. this manager is very puzzled with the customers. they can't understand why this happen. >> it looks like an older guy. according to police, they don't think it was anything aggressive. the manager didn't move as if he was afraid to be punched. >> i wonder if he was pointing to a camera, did they think the guy stole something? >> or maybe get out. i kind of took it like, hey, get out. >> and what threat did that guy
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pose? he's an older man. what could this guy have done? >> he is an older gentleman. he's still in the hospital. they are still looking for this guy. police say if he's caught, he's facing a felony battery charge. >> he deserves it. >> we go to dekalb county, georgia. police are trying to figure out who is in this melee. a woman is getting beat up and her daughter is alsotting beat up by this crowd. there is a man in a peach shirt with a baseball bat. the victim's son said she went outside to check on her daughter and this group of people started beating up on her because apparently her daughter had gotten in a fight with another girl the day before. he said his mom was hit in the head with a bat. he said she could have died. >> i don't know how you pick out anybody from this video. >> police are investigating but the family says they want some arrests. they're afraid this could happen given to their mom.
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>> this vid is being passed around online. this is in mexico. you see a group of men pulling a men out of that small, reddish car. eventually you see that it's about five guys on one and they are just dragging him out of this car as he is struggling against them. but keep watching because this gets even more terrifying and more bizarre. as people stop to watch and keep passing by, a burgundy puckup truck pulls up and pulls him into the back seat. >> it's an abduction. >> some say three were dressed as policemen. >> real police don't put him in the back of a pickup truck.
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>> you see cars trying to get around the traffic jam the situation is creating and eventually the truck just speeds off. the camera follows the truck for just a moment and then it's out of sight. some reports say officials did conduct an investigation as a result of this video. they say this man who was taken was a colombian national and they do say he did not have any webons or drugs. >> we're giving away another ipad mini today. you have to be 18 years old or older and you have to be a u.s. resident. >> standby for the ipad mini
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beg giveaway coming up. >> this is 10-year-old ovan. i think he's the youngest competitive eater. >> what's in his hand? >> that's a scotch bonnet. >> on the scale which measures heat from 100,000 to 325,000, very, very high. >> about the same as a habanero. >> donovan is looking at this, examining it, showing us the pepper. >> what i like about donovan, he goes all in. >> he pops this entire thing in his whole mouth, throws it over his mouth, wipes the seed away as if he's a bad ass, has a jug of water. takes a few since. spits it out. >> is that not. >> dad and little girl really
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having a good time at donovan's expense here. >> get the guy some milk. eventually he looks like he's going to pull his tongue out. >> nothing happened to donovan, which is good. but french kiss! >> he sets up a harry potter-inspired surprise for his lady. he took her on a quest. >> to where the magic takes her next. >> and mr. forthright dishes all his tips for his day on the job. >> go to the bathroom. nowhere knows when you go to the
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bathroom. i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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[poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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. hey, everybody. it's time to take a trip to hog warts. >> it's andrea tyler and quest for magic. andrea's boyfriend wants to propose in a way that only a harry potter fan would appreciate. >> this production is all for a
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proposal? >> it is. it starts with a clue. >> it runs all the time yet knows where it goes. >> i figured this one out. the garage door? >> no r, it's the freezer. that's where she finds the next part of her hunt. she squeezed in a little star wars. she looks through all his videos and has to figure out which one has her clue. he sent her to a chinese restaurant where she had to utter one word in chinese. >> chopsticks. i think it's -- >> she says the word. they hand over another clue. now she is in a bar and grill. he has shown up, candlelight and magic chest. >> what's the one word to open
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up a locked box. >> hello amora. >> what could be inside that box? >> i'm hoping it's a ring. but i'm hoping she he does it in a book or something that's not a ring box because then she doesn't know it's a ring. >> andrea tyler, will you marry me? >> yes. >> whatever it is, the rest is history and they lived happily ever after. >> hush puppies and bubble mustaches.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sometimes when you go to work, it's not actually about doing work, it's just about getting through the day. >> looking busy. >> looking busy. >> like us! >> this is mr. forthright. he claims on his facebook page that he's old, he's bold and he's a self-made millionaire. >> i love this guy. i love him so much. >> it's a cute little man in his glasses sitting in his chair -- >> giving us great advice. >> always wear nice slacks. nobody equates nice slacks with slackers. step one. >> step one done. step two is great.
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>> turn your computer screen so it faces the wall. avoid cameras and avoid supervisors. >> so no one can see your screen. >> that's what makes tabs a nice thing on your browser. you can click, click, click real quick. >> step three, obvious. look busy. >> someone walks by, look busy. when in doubt tell someone you're working on the disney account. no, i'm not watching "aaladdin," i'm working on the disney account. >> i'd love to know what this guy does for work. >> all his former employers are going i knew it! >> go to the bathroom. no one will follow you into the bathroom unless're a plumber. if you're a plumber, avoid bathrooms at all costs.
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flood the toilet and call a plumber who avoids work. >> and still to come, checking out some cool slow-mo video. >> usually you need a high-technical ra. >> not this time. find out what little machine is behind the smooth shot. bus we've got the thursday buzz word you'll need for an chance to win an ipad mini coming up.
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don't try any of this at home. we are real magicians. >> there's a new youtuber in town. his name is stevo. he'll be trying all kinds of pranks. this is one of his first with a
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beer bottle. his buddy will break a beer bottle on his head. >> oh! >> that's just one of his vios. he has one where he enlists the help of 50 cent. he stands in one of those luggage carts and has 50 push him up. >> that's like aroll cage on that thing. i thought he'd be all right. >> nope. to tell us more about what else we can expect, we have stevo via skype right this minute. >> it's really great to see that you're back. >> the 50 cent footage. >> i've been sitting on that for quite a while. i've been sitting on this huge footage where i combine my stunts with celebrities.
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lindsey low han. there's going to be pranks and stunts. i've been doing standup for seven years now. i'm going to be all over the place and it's going to be a lot of fun. i have 150 subscribers already. >> that's pretty sweet, right? >> that's like charlie sheen. >> are you planning gross stuff for this youtube channel ala jackass? >> you bet. >> what does your dating profile look like? >> i don't know how to answer that. i'll just say i'm single. >> one of our editors, brad, says "what's up"? >> kicking each other in the balls is such a great inspiration among young men. >> people come up to me and say, stevo, is there any chance you'll kick me in the balls?
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who am i to dash their hopes? vhs asked me to do "rock the world." i couldn't do it. i couldn't let 50 girls know how fast i [ bleep ]. >> i think it's going to become clear. >> no big secret. slow-mo always looks best. this video filmed by a guy named richie, showing us a couple of scenes in slow-mo. usually to get that effect you need a high-speed camera, the reds, the -- this is an ipho
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iphone 5s. >> i bet we're going to see a lot of selfies of women in cars with the wind blowing their hair. >> this is the african five-time champion and she was handed a camera. >> if you get motion sick, don't watch it. >> it's ipad give away, everybody. >> you have to be 18 years old and need thursday's buzz word to win. >> head to the first post on our facebook page if you're using a cell phone or tablet. >> our buzz word is dashcam. >> and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and put in the buzz word for
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thursday, that's dashcam. good luck, everybody. >> this grown man is reffing up for a drive in his barbie ride. >> at the top of the staircase. he's going to go down it naturally. >> see why this trip has him for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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be very, very quiet because you don't want to disturb the
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cat. there are a lot of them. >> let's count these cats. >> five right there. >> according to the poster of this video, this woman keeps her sliding glass door that you see there in the background open all night long so that these cats can just come and go. so maybe some of them are hers, maybe some are neighborhood cats that are just coming back for a bite to eat. listen, you can hear some eating in the background. >> let's move in a little closer, shall we? it's a skunk! >> oh, my goodness. >> the skunk i guess thought maybe it could massacre as a cat or maybe just wanted food. >> that's what you get for leaving your door open all night long. >> joseph and lucy think that is
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so funny. >> nothing to see here. just the full-grown man in the tiny child barbie jeep and the top of a staircase. he's going to go down it naturally. but he goes down not quite the way he planned. >> he didn't steer it the right way. >> everyone knows suvs are top heavy. he went right over the front. >> i don't think it matters if he had his seat belt on either. >> that's disappointing. he didn't even get two steps in. >> i think he tried. >> nothing to see there, nothing to see here either. this is just some surveillance video from some sort of stockroom. that fellow there, paul, is going to come back towards the camera.
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>> is he going to get caught drinking -- >> oh! >> scared you and paul. >> it's not what i was expecting. i thought they were going to catch paul drinking a beer at work. >> watch his face watch his arms. and then paul just stands there motionless. >> i think you have to call 911 for paul. >> i would like to slow this down and when we can, we have that capability. >> you know what those are? those are the buttons they used to scare paul. >> so paul predicted the future there. he saw the boxes. he knew they were going to get him and they did. >> that's going to do it here for us on "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you ne


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